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Noah Kurland


Noah is a 23-year-old Husky in his final semester at Northeastern. He’s a behavioral neuroscience student hoping to become a PA and has played on the Huskies A team for five and a half years.

On the field, Noah is an unguardable jitterbug, a nightmare end-zone matchup, and has some of the most impressive throws you’ll see. He never shies away from defensive matchups and consistently makes electric layout blocks for the D-line.

His personal growth mirrors that of the entire Northeastern program, as he’s grown from an unpredictable rookie to a dedicated leader. Noah always impresses with how respectfully he treats opponents and how goofily he treats his team. Undersized has never been so lovable.

The Huskies are excited to give Noah a memorable final tournament at Nationals and would like to shout out the rest of his class that couldn’t compete with us this fall: Jake Kaplan, Mark Kharakh, Michael Busa, Sean Wallace, and Ari Nelson. Lots of love.