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Nick Hirning


Nick Hirning first picked up a disc in the Greater Seattle Area, playing for Fryz and quickly becoming one of the most hyped high school players in the nation. By the time he arrived at Stanford, “N33dle” Nick already had great athleticism and polished throws, but he was a self-described “head case” of a teammate. Throughout his college career, he’s grown into a fierce and loyal leader, eventually becoming a captain of Bloodthirsty in 2018 and a two-time First Team All-Region selection. Nick’s break throws, confidence and impeccable knowledge of the rules have been invaluable to Stanford.

A natural competitor and eager to pass on knowledge to others, he’s helped push numerous teammates to become better players, including 2018 men’s Callahan winner Gabe Hernandez.

“Matching up against Nick my last two years of college was probably one of the most consistent tough matchups that helped me grow as a player, especially defensively. I think he’s about 6’3”; he’s super quick and fast, and he can consistently sky anyone in the world. Playing against him helped me keep pushing myself in the latter parts of my college career.”