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Nicholas Culver


Nick Culver has been a member of the Iowa Hawkeye Ultimate Club (IHUC) for four years and captained for his last two. He is a dedicated player who constantly strives to improve not only himself but the members of his team. As an inspiring leader and key player of IHUC, Nick has been able to bring lockdown defense against any competitor. He is known on the field for his swift cuts, solid throws and not being afraid to put his body on the line for the disc. Each game, he goes head-to-head against the opponent’s top players and always has a dedicated spot on the universe line. Nick’s high-caliber field knowledge and athleticism allow him to stand out over many players. Off the field, Nick has worked countless hours on strengthening and focusing on the longevity of the team. Without his guidance, IHUC would not be nearly as structured as it is today. IHUC is honored to nominate Nick Culver for the 2020 Callahan Award.

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