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Nathan Huff


Nathan Huff grew from a quiet, raw athlete into a dominating, vocal leader and captain for ZCU. “Huff” as his teammates call him, has become one of the top college players in the NW Region. Signed to one of the AUDL’s newest expansions, Salt Lake Shred, Huff is known for his demoralizing lefty backhand, exasperated layout D’s, and his patented “thlade” (thumber-blade). Time and time again, Huff places ZCU on his slender shoulders and carries them through its biggest points. His impact with the disc in his hands can only be outshined by his devotion to the ZCU program off the field. Throughout the COVID lock downs, Huff continued to engage his teammates and not only keep the program afloat, but augment its presence as a competitive program in a challenging region. Huff is admired by his peers for his on-field skill and composure as well as his respect for his competition. After graduating with degrees in Math and Quantitative Economics (nerd), Huff plans to continue to dominating the field in the AUDL and the club division, along with providing a clinic in upside-down throws at Sunday goalti.