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Myles Maxson


Myles Maxson is a four-year A-team player and two-year captain of American University’s Stall 11. His work ethic and leadership have elevated the team’s competitive culture and abilities to the next level. Acting as the star player, captain, and coach all at once, Myles’ ability to make plays on the field and manage the sideline was an incredible feat. The center O-line handler was always willing to cross over to the D-line and come up with the crucial pressure or block to change the course of a game. Playing a majority of points this season, his responsibility for our successes cannot be understated, and his commitment cannot be overstated.

Myles is a true representative of a dedication to ultimate and Spirit of the Game. His honesty, integrity, and communication on the field in resolving calls and handling difficult situations was unmatched. Myles finished his ultimate career at American University this season and graduated with a BA in History and a minor in American Studies. This season has left us asking: “what if volunteer captain-coaches didn’t volunteer?” Thank you, Myles, from all of the Stall 11 community.