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Michael Prasauskas


Mike Prasauskas can best be described by the words of his teammates:

“Mike Prasauskas is the embodiment of the grind.”
“He’s the GOAT.”
“He is also the most uplifting guy on the team. A teammate that will lift you up when you’re feeling down. He’s always there to help you out when you need it most. He grinds everything for us and succeeds for us. He is the best teammate on and off the field, no question.”
“The hardest worker on the team.”
“He’s an amazing player with a lot of skill in both the sport, and leadership and motivation. He knows how to effectively balance competitiveness with sportsmanship and always has a good attitude on the field.”
“He is a player that the entire team can rely on. Whenever there’s a jump ball, Mike is there to bring it down. Apart from being reliable, he makes insanely athletic plays that not many other players on the field would be able to make.”
“Unstoppable this year; there was no way to guard him, no way to beat him on O. Also he has such crazy throws; his inside flick is so spicy.”

Mike has been a strong leader on DUC since joining four years ago. Mike helped construct a new identity for DUC that has changed the future of the club for the better. DUC has a bright future because of Mike Prasauskas, and that’s why he is our 2020 Callahan nominee.

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