College Championships Submit a Nomination


Michael Peng


Michael “The Sheriff” Peng has been both a leader and role model for Smaug since first joining the team, and his importance to the program only grew as he became a senior leader and eventually captain. He is the anchor of Smaug’s D-line, invigorating the team with a massive pull, locking down handlers and cutters alike to generate turns before leading Smaug to a score with decisive handler cuts and booming hucks. We can’t confirm, but we’re pretty sure he gets a new tattoo for every bookend he gets. Despite being an incredible force on the field, he is the epitome of humility off the field. Always the first to say “my bad,” to a teammate, even when his throw was perfect. Peng is a role model for his fellow teammates and ultimate players alike, inspiring many through his dedication, effort, and love of the game. In addition to teaching his hard-working attitude with a focus on the spirit of the game, as captain during the 2020 pandemic “season” he helped to keep the team active and engaged, despite the lack of official practices. Furthermore, through coaching Oak, Oakland’s U17 YCC program, Peng further spread his love for the game and left a positive impact on his local ultimate community. It is rare to find someone who so expertly balances drive and competition with kindness and humility and we know he will continue to be a role model, not only in the ultimate community, but in every community.