College Championships Submit a Nomination

North Carolina State

Michael Lee


Middle school teacher Mr. Lee is in his sixth year playing for NC State Alpha. Over these years, he has shown an unmatched dedication to the team, being a captain for three years and frequently acting as a coach at practices and tournaments. Outside of Alpha, Michael is known for his commitment to developing youth ultimate in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. During the high school season, he can often be found coaching Jordan High School, which he attended before heading to NC State. For the past few summers, he has helped solidify and grow the strength of the Triangle Ultimate YCC program through his coaching of the U17 and U20 boys teams. Several of the players he has coached at the youth level have found their way onto Alpha to play alongside Michael, reinforcing the back-to-back Nationals qualifications of the team. On the field, Michael is known for his intelligent intensity in how he plays the game and willingness to share his knowledge and observations to help the players around him be successful. Although he has played on Alpha for six years already, if he were allowed to play a seventh, it is not so much a question of if he would play, but more of a question of how he would make it happen. Of course, the team would be more than happy to keep him around.