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Penn State

Max Ramstad


Max Ramstad began playing ultimate as a senior in high school, before coming to Penn State with an original plan to play on the varsity lacrosse team. However, after some misunderstandings with the coaching staff, Max could no longer join the roster and decided to continue his ultimate career. Since then, Max has risen the ranks from a being an O-line fill guy, to being the dominant force on our team.

Every team we’ve played knew that we wanted to get him the ball, and few teams ever succeeded in stopping him. He is known for throwing dime-balls and playing intense and annoying defense on the opponent’s best player. Max’s dedication to the team, as well as his love for the game itself, have propelled Max into the conversation of one of the best players in Spank’s history, and we are excited and honored to nominate Max Ramstad as Penn State Spank’s Callahan Nominee.