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Mac Hecht


Mac is an incredibly talented player; he’s been the centerpiece of Brown’s system for his entire college career, wielding some of the best technical skills in the division with the athleticism to complement them. However, what really stands out about Mac is how he manages to bring out the best in his teammates. He studies the game as much as anyone and has an unmatched understanding of how to adjust both his individual play and team-wide schemes to allow all of us to succeed. He constantly demands focus, effort, and competitiveness out of our players, while remaining a kind, goofy, and down-to-earth part of the team dynamic. Mac’s immense contribution to our program, both on and off the field, has been a driving force in BMo’s rise in the past two seasons. While the real award that Mac is chasing will always be the national title, no one in the division has had a greater impact on their respective program than Mac has, and there is no one more worthy of the men’s Callahan Award than he is.

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