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Luka Govedic


Luka spent all of his childhood in Slovenia, where he played a variety of sports: soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. He was introduced to ultimate during his senior year of high school, less than a year before coming to the USA.

At MIT, he initially pursued soccer, even playing on the varsity team his sophomore year. After that season, he finally committed to playing ultimate for the MIT Grim Beaver. He was immediately a difference maker on defense, collecting 5 blocks at a scrimmage against Wentworth on his first day back. In the spring at Bring the Huckus, right before the COVID pandemic, he was awarded an unofficial MVP award by an opposing team.

Captaining the team in the 21-22 season, Luka brought a sense of seriousness to the team, along with his athleticism and his high-level understanding of the game powering the O line. He accounted for nearly half of the team’s scores at conferences. In the most recent season, Luka was the number one downfield option and initiator. More importantly, his impact off the field will be felt for years to come as a teammate, captain, and friend that embodied the spirit of the game and created a welcoming environment for new players to learn to love the game of ultimate.

Club teams: Berkeley Zyzzyva 2021, New York Shade 2022
Pro: Boston Glory 2022
National: Luka will be representing his home country of Slovenia at the 2023 EUC and 2024 WUGC.