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William & Mary

Lucas Reichert


Lucas Reichert is a freaking dog; people need to learn this guy’s name. He’s got all the big plays, including 80-yard bombs, huge skies, and layout D’s. But what makes Lucas so special is his ability to lead a patient offense and make good decisions. Don’t get me wrong – the guy is a shooter. But he’s learned when to pick his spots to bomb it and when he can just go every other. At regionals, we had four games that were must-wins. Lucas played ~90% of the points in those games, ran the offense, and played lockdown defense on the other teams’ best players.

Off the field, Lucas is a great captain who has helped create a fun but also hard-working team culture. He may come off as an intense player with questionable spikes, but he’s a great friend and such a fun dude to be around. As a captain, he doesn’t just care about how the team is doing on the field, he cares about how we are doing on a personal level, and that’s what makes him such a good leader. Lucas has had an immense impact on the W&M ultimate community and is deserving of some recognition for it.