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Leandro Marx


At the end of one morning practice during his freshman year, Leandro Marx saw a man running past the UO Rec fields carrying a duffel bag and being chased by a police officer. Without hesitation, Leandro took off after the man, one cleat still on and the other foot bare, and caught up to him in the span of 100 yards. Leandro forced the man to drop the bag and escorted him to a group of officers waiting on the other side of the Rec. For this heroic feat, Leandro earned the nickname the Sheriff. Despite the silly nature of the nickname, the Sheriff is a title that can aptly characterize Leandro’s play on the field. For four years, he has patrolled the defensive line, locking down opponents’ best players and taking the lead at every opportunity when Ego has the disc. The field is Leandro’s jurisdiction, and he commands the lines he is on with authority and tenacity.

Anyone who watches Leandro play can see that he is a nightmare to match up against. He is a relentless competitor with raw speed and athleticism whose motor never stops. He is a powerful cutter, capable of putting one foot in the ground and blowing past defenders under or deep and is a dynamic threat in the air, often making explosive grabs over defenders or snagging a full extension trailing edge layout. Leandro will also beat defenses with his throws, whether it’s a bladey flick huck that arcs over multiple defenders or a low release around that opens up the whole field, he continually sets the offense up for success.

Leandro’s play has earned him recognition over the past four years; he was on the Northwest All Freshmen First Team in 2016 and 2nd Team All Region in 2018. More recently, he was selected to play for the U.S.A. U-24 Men’s National Team in Heidelberg, Germany this summer. He was also chosen to be an Oregon Ego captain this season. Leandro’s leadership summons effort, intensity, and focus from his teammates. He confidently balances leading by example and vocally and emotionally inspiring his teammates. Leandro is an outstanding player, leader, teammate, and friend, and he brings the best out of those around him. Those qualities, and all the boasting above, show why Leandro Marx is a completely deserving recipient of the 2019 Callahan Award.