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Kevin Versteeg


Kevin Versteeg might just be one of the best ultimate players that you may have never heard of. He has been playing for eight years now, and during his career he has been invited to U.S. Men’s National Team tryouts, won a YCC championships and played in the AUDL playoffs and at club nationals. Some elite teams Kevin has played for include Med Men, DC Breeze and Washington DC Truck Stop.

Kevin has been captain of Towson Pandamonium since his sophomore year. He has grown tremendously as a player, teammate and leader throughout his four years at Towson University. Probably the best player to come out of Towson since Del Rico Johnson, Kevin can and will make you look silly on the field. Whether he breaks your ankles in an end zone set, sits on your shoulders while skying you or chases you down with his incredible closing speed for a massive layout D, he will find a way to make a play.

We sure will miss his smiling face and willingness to lay his body on the line for the team. The nation is just lucky he never had any good handlers to throw to him. Thank you for everything Kevin Versteeg!