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Kevin Tien


Stanford Bloodthirsty is proud to nominate Kevin Tien for the 2021 Callahan award.

In the autumn of 2016, Kevin Thomas [L33ch] Tien began his collegiate ultimate career as a freshman on Bloodthirsty. From mama’s boy to future huck boy, who would have thought that this baby-faced assassin would make an immediate impact on the field as a starting O-line cutter in year one? Not us.

Kevin’s superior intellect, raw athleticism, and washboard abs helped Stanford Bloodthirsty secure a trip to Nationals in just his first year. And who could forget the echoes of Kevin’s “MVL33ch!” chant as he helped Stanford secure a second National Championships berth in as many years? (We have the film, in case you did forget.)

Through the length of Kevin’s frisbee career, he has attained many impressive accolades including making the 2019 All-Region team, being named defensive player of the year for the San Jose Spiders, and playing for San Francisco Revolver in their most recent Nationals run.

Kevin’s presence was also felt off the field. His embodiment of Bloodthirsty’s values of hunger, trust, and positivity made him an obvious choice to captain for two years of his time on the team. If that’s not enough, we could throw in the fact that Kevin is a two-time team spirit award winner. Just sayin’.

Kevin’s impact over his tenure with Bloodthirsty continues to be felt as his leadership provided the footholds for many up and coming young Blood.