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Washington University

Joshua Gabella


Joshua Gabella, as both a nominee and a person, is more than just a fantastic representative of WashU Contra — he is a perfect embodiment of the values that represent the sport of ultimate. Competitive, kind, and intelligent, he has taken up the role of mentor to his younger teammates. Josh is supportive and disciplined, serving as an example for his peers to aspire toward emulating. He is currently the longest-tenured member of the team, a former captain, and the current starting handler on the well-oiled machine that is WashU’s O-Line. On and off the field, Gabella’s impact is felt by everyone around him. Whether he’s relaxing on campus or spouting words of wisdom to teammates in between points, anyone who has observed him knows that he is a natural leader and an irreplaceable centerpiece on Contra’s roster.

When playing, Josh frequently earns astonished looks from spectators and opposing players alike with ridiculous layouts and beautiful downfield hucks. He empties the tank every single time he plays, never giving any less than his 100%. This season, Contra made program history by qualifying for Nationals for the first time in its 35-year lineage, a milestone that can be in large part credited to the experience, leadership, and passion that Gabella brings to the team every single time he steps on the field. This year, if there is one player who truly embodies the symbolic significance of this award — and has played at a level elite enough to earn it — it is Joshua Gabella.