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John Walden


Most players in the Atlantic Coast know who Johnny is. A natural leader, Johnny is looked up to by his teammates and is respected by other teams. He is a multi-faceted player, being able to make big throws as well as being an incredibly gifted receiver. Johnny plays nearly every position on the field each season. He plays on the DC Breeze, Truck Stop, and was invited to U-24 tryouts.

While extremely competitive, Johnny is also spirited. He can push his teammates further while also being able to calmly discuss calls in the heat of the moment. His passion for the game is unparalleled by many. On the sideline, you will never find him distracted or focused on anything but the game at hand. Johnny gives his voice to teammates and wipes away any mental mistakes as soon as they happen. He has additionally shared his knowledge and passion through coaching high schoolers in DC.

Off the field, Johnny has been a social glue for the team. Teammates like being around him, whether it is trips to Shagga or running workouts before practice. He has always been an open ear for anyone who needs to talk. Johnny embodies what it means to be a Space Bastard, and his influence on the Maryland program will continue years from now.