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Virginia Tech

Joe Freund


Joe Freund was born with the head of a star, it just took some time for his body and mind to grow into that massive frame. Now a towering 7’5” 300 lbs, Joe has carried not only the burden of being a captain but being the spiritual leader of a program going through a transformative period in its history. Prior to Joe’s arrival, Burn had never been ranked in the top 20 nationally, never earned a bid for the region, and never been to Nationals. Through his magnificent four years, Joe has single-handedly brought the team to never-before-dreamed heights through a combination of size, athleticism, and confidence.

Joe has created success at all levels of the sport, winning high school, collegiate (conferences…it counts), and international championships.

Joe would like to thank his family, friends, coaches, and teammates (fans) for guiding and supporting him through his ultimate journey. He looks forward to a future of continued success in his ultimate career.

Various television personalities have offered praise for Joe…
– “He is big, and he knows how to use it” -Australian worlds announcer
– “The Christ figure Joe Freund” -Sin the Fields
– “Is he really 20? I’m gonna need to see a birth certificate” -Nationals Announcer
– “’I’m Joe Freund’ – Joe Freund” – Ian Connerney

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