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Jeremy Hess


When Jeremy Hess finds something he loves to do, you can guarantee he is going to be great at it. From playing video games professionally to touring Europe playing the violin, he puts his heart and soul into making himself the best he can be. It wasn’t until his sophomore year at Glenelg High School that he found a love that might be the most impactful on his life, ultimate. He immediately took to the sport and set out to become amazing.

Before entering college, Jeremy was already on the radar of Maryland’s captains and new coach Darryl Stanley. In his rookie season, he was a vital player on Maryland’s O-line and a major reason they qualified for the College Championships in 2018, and the game to go in 2019. The summer after his sophomore year, Jeremy made both the D.C. Breeze and Truck Stop teams and was elected as a Maryland captain.

Jeremy’s first season as a captain was cut short due to COVID, but that didn’t stop his leadership. He worked with a strength coach to develop a tailored training plan, leading distanced workouts, and running online film/strategy sessions to continue the growth of himself and all of his teammates. On and off the field, Jeremy is a rock for every team he is part of, bringing defensive pressure and offensive leadership at every game and practice he attends. For these reasons, Maryland is honored to nominate Jeremy Hess for the 2022 Callahan Award.