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Johns Hopkins

James Clarke


Jimmy Clarke is a masters student finishing his fifth year at Hopkins in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He is in his second year as a captain of Dangerzone, having played with the team for all 5 years. Jimmy has been playing ultimate since the beginning of high school, leading his team, Radnor, to multiple successes, including a Pennsylvania State Championship in his senior year. He has been a stud on Dangerzone since starting at Hopkins, joining the O-line his freshman year as a dangerous cutter and hybrid player, helping to bring the team to regionals. His sophomore year, as one of the initiating cutters and a huck/hammer threat, he helped bring the team to finals of EQs, OCI, and conferences, as well as semifinals of ACO and a 4th-place finish at Atlantic Coast Regionals, Hopkins’ best-ever finish. In his final year and first full season post-COVID, he led the team back to regionals in both semesters as an assist-machine and D-generator for the O-line. Throughout this time, he also played club ultimate with Citywide, Phantom, and Phoenix, developing into a deeply skilled and dynamic handler with every throw from both arms. Mostly, Jimmy stood out as a highly athletic and knowledgeable player, a leader for the rest of his team, and a passionate, caring, empathetic, and inspiring captain who Hopkins will always be grateful to have had.