College Championships Submit a Nomination


Jake Rubin-Miller


Jake has been a presence on the Hodags since he made the team freshman year. He leads by example and never asks his teammates to do something he wouldn’t also do. The embodiment of spirit of the game is clear. He plays each point intensely as if it may be his last and never cheats his team or the opponent. Not to mention the continuous, gravity-defying plays that he creates every game. Young players look up to him, and his vocal range makes him hard to miss on the sideline.

But there is so much more that Jake has done and continues to do off of the field. This past year especially, Jake was the driving force behind a multitude of conversations had within the team and Wisconsin Ultimate program, some with frisbee organizations like Disc Diversity and TFTUT. Throughout the moments when the world seemed to be at a standstill, Jake continued to push his teammates to be better, worked to improve the team’s culture, and was a prime example of what a leader does in times of uncertainty.

Through his work on and off the field, Jake is the clear embodiment of what it means to be a Hodag and what this award strives to highlight.