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McGill University

Hayden Stone


Hayden Stone started playing ultimate because of his father, Chris Stone of the Houston Hounds and Austin Doublewide. After playing throughout middle school with the Kealing Hornets and taking his high school team, McCallum Ultimate Frisbee, to the Texas State championship game, Hayden joined the McGill Ultimate Team.

From day one, Hayden was a stud. He was immediately slotted into the starting rotation where he consistently produced and helped lead McGill to the Canadian national championship game. Elected captain in his third year, he has continued to take McGill to new heights by being a driving force behind MUT’s recent campaigns south of the border. Even with an unfortunate series of injuries sidelining him for most of the 2022/2023 season, Hayden has continued giving back to the McGill Ultimate Team as a part of our coaching staff, helping us win the Carousel City Classic, and qualify for New England Regionals.

Hayden will continue his frisbee career after MUT at the elite club and AUDL level, building on his growing superstar status that he has already earned with the Austin Sol and Montreal Royal. He has played an invaluable role in the development of the McGill Ultimate Team, and forever changed this club for the better. We would not be the team we are today without him.