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Hayden Austin-Knab


Hayden Austin-Knab has and always will be a fiend for ultimate. He has humble beginnings: carrying the now extinct Chamblee Ultimate team single handedly – quite literally being the only one at practice sometimes – for 4 years before coming to Georgia. He made himself known immediately, starting on Jojah’s O line and catching virtually anything that came his way. Throughout his tenure on Jojah, Hayden has grown as both a player and leader; through challenges like COVID, changing leadership, and an unheard of double season, he has been an emotional rock. Previously just a “shy and smiley guy with sticky hands,” he has evolved: the first to give praise, the first to own his mistakes, the lead-by-example type player who can do it all on the field. A Jojah Captainx2, Atlanta Hustle & Chain Lightning player, and college ultimate POY award winner, this guy is meant for ultimate.

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