College Championships Submit a Nomination

Carnegie Mellon

Eric Li


Eric Li’s college ultimate career has been about giving it his all. Whether through weather, COVID, or injuries, nothing stops him from putting it all out there. In the fall series, despite the snow, freezing cold, and lack of fall training, Eric seamlessly returned to his leading role on the team. No other player in Mr. Yuk’s history has been Abel to take charge on offence and fight for every defensive possession. His on-the-field presence is not his only impact on the team, his Tomfoolery on the sideline is always appreciated and keeps the team invested. His passion is unparalleled, and he could be found cRyan after a hard fought victory or a nail biting loss. He is also dedicated to improving the world around him and will never pass up a community service opportunity. Although he lost a year in college, everyone should look out for this sweet little unforgettable thing in the years to come.