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Eric Chen


On a grey and dreary Sunday afternoon in early May 2016, a young Eric Chen choked through his tears to say to his teammates, “Thank you guys for giving me a home.” Having just finished his freshman season with a crushing loss in the game to go to Nationals, this kid from Brooklyn was overwhelmed with love for the dudes who had become his brothers. Over the next three years, Eric would go on to embody everything that we as members of the Emen cherish.

On the field, the man is damn near uncoverable. You’ll see in his highlight real, the dude is dumb fast. His speed and intelligence demand the other team’s best defender every game. When our D-line needs a break, he is the first to cross over. When we need a goal, we send him to the house. His throws are cute as hell, and I’ve never seen him have a bad tournament or make a bad call (probably).

Off the field, he walks kind of funny. But he also raises his teammates to new heights. Eric is encouraging and specific with feedback, and generous with praise. He does more homework than anyone else in the squad, but he’s somehow always down to chill too. He is loved and respected by everyone on the A, B, and C teams, and it’s awesome to watch our alumni get excited to see him whenever they’re booling around.

As a two-time captain, he has steered the Emen to our first Nationals since 2014. He pops off in the huddle when we need him to, works tirelessly behind the scenes to make things run smoothly, and is always looking to improve his leadership. He sets the bar for effort, temperament, and confidence. His shoes would be impossible to fill had he not spent so much time helping the next generation of captains grow.

The team worked to give him one last tournament; to help this madman go out with a bang. Although we can’t possibly repay him for all that he’s done, hopefully we can say “No Eric, thank you.”