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Elijah Jaime


He has a quiet demeanor, but is anything but quiet in his playmaking abilities…

Elijah has been a cornerstone of the UAH Ultimate program since its inception in the fall of 2014. Over the last five years, he has embodied the humility and discipline it takes to shape natural talent into something truly special. During that time, he has helped lead our team to a 3rd-place finish at the 2017 D-III College Championships and a 5th-place finish at the 2019 D-I Southeast Regional Championship.

Outside of the college scene, the last few years have seen him grow from a middling second-tier local player, to a captain for the Huntsville Freaks, which is one of the Southeast’s most elite open clubs. He has also spent the last two summers competing for the Nashville Nightwatch and Atlanta Hustle, where he has posted rookie stat lines rivaling those of seasoned veterans, against some of the best players in the country.

Off the field, Elijah has been working hard to positively impact our local ultimate community. Last spring he founded the Huntsville Area Youth Ultimate program, and has since organized and led three youth ultimate clinics and three youth ultimate leagues, providing playing opportunities to over two hundred participants in less than a year.

He is respected by all who play with, against, or under him, and is highly spirited in the way he conducts himself in all aspects of his life. He is our captain, our leader, and our loyal friend.

Cheers to Eli, our 2019 Callahan Award nominee!