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Dmitri Zalnasky


Dmitri “Meter” “Zalnasty” Zalnasky is a four-year Bitt veteran, and has been a captain for the last year. He is a seasoned handler who can be found shutting down the opposition on defense or tearing through them while quarterbacking the offense. Meterman’s ability on the field and leadership on the sideline have inspired younger and older players alike to wear crop tops and improve their ultimate. Never a throw out of place or a catch dropped for this guy, who can throw hucks or run them down without breaking a sweat. A multi-sport athlete, Dmitri also excels in disc golf and baseball, always leading by example to help his players improve. He could frequently be found in the gym teaching other players how to lift, and he would never forget to send a gym mirror selfie to the group chat. Dmitri exemplifies the qualities of a Callahan awardee, making sick plays while leading his team and displaying outstanding spirit. Vote for Bitt’s 2022 Callahan Award nominee, Dmitri Zalnasky!!