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Virginia Tech

Colum Bergeron


Colum is the third in the Bergeron Ultimate Dynasty. He started playing ultimate freshman year of college following behind his brothers Rhys, former Virginia Tech Callahan Nominee, and Quinn, JMU Hellfish alum and current Breeze player. As a freshman, Colum made his impact known despite his not being able to throw a frisbee. He was a lockdown defender in the deep space and was an integral part of Burn’s inaugural trip to College Nationals. His sophomore and junior year of college, his defensive prowess improved, but it was his improvement on offense that made him an elite player. He developed an impressive backhand and hammer, but the flick continued to elude him as it still does today. His senior year, he was elected captain and moved to O-Line where he and co-captain Adam Norrbom decimated defenses across the east coast (see Adam Norrbom’s Callahan video). His aptitude for deep cutting and overwhelming defensive pressure gave him an ego leading to his first Breeze tryout where he felt the first setback of his ultimate career. The shame of being cut from a team where a third of the D-line is related to you would have stopped most men, but Colum only became stronger, sharper and hungrier. The subsequent year he made the team and has been a valuable asset on the Breeze D-line ever since. Despite all these ultimate accolades, Colum remains incredibly humble and an amazing teammate. Arguably the best mack game and worst flick in the AUDL.