College Championships Submit a Nomination


Coleman Tappero


I’m from Atlanta but moved around a bunch when I was younger. I’m a second-generation ultimate player (my pops played at Berkeley in the early ‘80s). I played my first point of ultimate in 2nd grade in Kampala, Uganda, in the old man’s league where my dad played with Phil (CUT coach) and Paige Bowen. Once I moved back stateside in 2007, I started playing competitively at Henderson Middle (shoutout Fred Perivier) and then started at Paideia.

Once I moved to Paideia, I knew ultimate was going to be a huge part of my life. Part of it was the culture surrounding ultimate there. Between amazing coaches (Mike Baccarini, Miranda Knowles, and Martin Aguilera) and a bunch of cool older guys showing me the ropes (Nathan Haskell, Anders Olsen, Daniel Sperling, Jack Smith and all those other guys), I was hooked and haven’t looked back. I’m now about to finish grad school at UGA and couldn’t be more proud of our program and team. I know I’ve focused a bit on others, but it’s only because they have had such a huge role in bringing ultimate into my life, and I think that’s something to be celebrated.

I do enjoy other activities outside of ultimate, though. I love the outdoors, rafting/hiking/biking/skiing, you name it — I’m actually planning on working for Backroads/NOLS (outdoor companies) after college. I’m currently studying international policy and also hope to live (and play) overseas one day!

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