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Cole Jurek


Cole “Beef” Jurek began his ultimate career at Moundsview High School and went onto the University of Minnesota where he immediately started his freshman year on a Grey Duck team that returned most of its championship roster.

He impacted Grey Duck from day one, and his teammates watched in awe as he quickly developed into the team’s consummate playmaker. Big hucks, big layouts, big skies—he’s a complete player untethered to any one role on the field and is someone who his teammates can count on as a player and look up to as a person. In any given week, he dedicated himself to the success of his teammates, often taking the initiative to schedule workouts outside of practice times or make himself available if teammates asked for help. Grey Duck owes much of its continued growth to Cole’s dedication and leadership over the years. Under his captainship, the team implemented diversity and equity training, and he continued to emphasize accountability in his teammates to cultivate a better team culture. Cole provides a level of athleticism, throwing prowess, and consistency that not only make him a threat anywhere on the field, but also uplift his teammates and community, and embodying all of the characteristics of a Callahan winner.