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South Florida

Cody Coates


Cody Coates should not have been allowed to set foot on the ultimate field. Coming in his freshmen year, he already towered over seasoned vets; he was an instant cheat code on the field making plays. Nobody could even come close to slowing him down, and that was four years ago. Fast forward two years later, and he’s established himself as captain of our A team and a hell of a leader. The best way to lead in this sport is by example, and nobody worked harder than him. His teammates knew him as someone they could always rely on and look up to when they needed a pickup.

The culture of our club changed for the better when he decided to give this sport a shot – as we qualified for regionals all three years he played (four years if not for COVID-19) – and he has done an excellent job setting up the right path for USF Men’s Ultimate in the future. He battled injuries every year he played but always managed to come back with a stronger hunger to sacrifice his body to win. The confidence he had to grab a disc when it was launched in his general direction was unmatched, and the frustration he caused other teams was always visible. Cody is our Callahan nominee because he made some of the most ridiculous grabs you’ll ever see, and he led those around him to be the best players they could become.

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