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SUNY Binghamton

Chris Walsh


Chris “Stouf” Walsh has risen to be one of the most electric players in the metro east. His ability to swap seamlessly between the handler and cutter sets makes him a challenge to guard, not to mention his athletic prowess. Arriving at Binghamton his freshman year, Walsh instantly became one of the go-to guys on the team. Stouf’s desire to compete and elevate his teammates has helped launch Binghamton’s jump to be more competitive. As an underclassman, he was always receptive to his coaches and captains, maximizing his opportunity to grow. At the close of his sophomore year, Walsh was elected captain, where he used his knowledge and skill set to inspire the teammates around him. Stouf always brought fire into the huddles as our on-field leader. Off the field, he watched film tirelessly to give teammates feedback. In 2017, he made the Metro East All-Freshmen Team and made First Team All-Region in 2019. Will he be the Metro East Men’s Player of the Year? Only time will tell.

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