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Christopher Newport

Charlie Baird


Charlie Baird has been one of Skymaul’s most dedicated athletes that our program has ever seen. As a graduating senior, he has been on the team for his entire college career and has made this team his number one priority, aside from academics. Baird served as team president for two years, and in his time, he grew the team in many ways. He pushed a team ideology of unity through chemistry. In doing so, he set a standard that helped the entire team grow as a pack, which propelled Skymaul to establishing a winning culture, the first time this has been the case for our program. Additionally, Charlie Baird has dealt with his fair share of injuries during his Skymaul tenure, including a broken collarbone that took him out for several months of play. However, this only fueled his drive to compete and come back even stronger. Baird never fails to lead by example in getting better every day. As a top player on Skymaul, Baird has been a starting handler for the majority of his career and starts on our zone defense lines as well. Charlie Baird has fully immersed himself in the game of ultimate. He has been dedicated to Skymaul, has played club with Fathom, based in Hampton, VA, and has done internship work with the DC Breeze in the summers. The underclassmen, many of whom he has taught to throw, look up to him and see Charlie Baird as a leader in the sport of ultimate.