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University of California-Los Angeles

Calvin Bird


Calvin B.A.N.E. Bird is our Favorite Fearless Hero and the perfect teammate in every way. In his 4 years with Smaug, Calvin has been the heart and soul of a culture shift to a team driven by love, support, and cohesion. Even our coaches have to smile when he interrupts a huddle with some random joke. His off-the-field contributions boost the team’s chemistry and make us feel like a family. On the field, B.A.N.E. is a menace. He haunts the dreams of all the cutters who have the fear of Calvin getting a layout D seared into their brain. As a D-line veteran, he has been integral in incorporating newer players into our system in the most welcoming way possible. With a region-least 1 contested foul, Calvin may be considered too nice by many, but he is exactly what Smaug needs, and we couldn’t have asked for a better teammate and friend.

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