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University of Alabama-Huntsville

Bradley Fleming


Bradley Fleming, as we know him, is a true nightmare on both the O-line and D-line. Doing everything from skying anyone who jumps with him, to making huge layouts, to destroying his marks with his lefty throws. Bradley also is a huge player in the Huntsville, Alabama ultimate community. He started playing UAH his first year and since then he has gone on to play in the mixed club scene with Huntsville Outlaws before joining the first Huntsville club team to go to Club Nationals, Huntsville Space Force. With Space Force, he was an integral D-line piece that led the way to an undefeated season. Bradley also made four appearances in his rookie season with the Atlanta Hustle in the AUDL and returns for his second season. Bradley graduated with his bachelors in the fall and is now pursuing a master’s degree in computer engineering. He is a great player who everyone on the team strives to be not only because of how good he is on the field but also because he has one of the brightest personalities on the team. He always makes sure he is bringing up the team in moments of frustration and bringing positive energy to the team. Even if it is not ultimate related, Bradley is there to be a helping hand or an open ear for anyone who needs it.