College Championships Submit a Nomination

Penn State

Boris Li


Boris Li has been a dedicated member of Penn State’s ultimate program since 2016. He starting playing in high school for Methacton (MUF) in the Philly area, and played YCCs for Philadelphia Forge in 2016. Boris then worked his way up in the ranks on Spank over the next four years after being really bad his freshman year. By the spring of his junior year, Boris was a solid player on the Spank roster until Covid unfortunately ended his college career. Boris captained through the 2020-2021 season in his best attempt to keep the program alive during a tough year of social distancing. This fall, Boris unfortunately was unable to play due to the policies at Penn State, so he stepped up as the newest head coach in a very raw program. Boris was instantly the most meme-able figurehead on the team and was vital to the cultural foundation of the team. He also called the lines. Boris also has played club in the Philly area throughout his college career, playing 2 years on Adelphos and a playing on Citywide Special this past summer (woah). Boris’s dedication to the game is unmatched and is also extremely underrated in the air.