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Washington University in St. Louis

Ben Reimler


A fierce competitor and passionate leader, Ben Reimler embodies the spirit of ultimate on and off the field. A St. Louis native, Reimler emerged onto the college scene with Contra as a fast and intelligent first-year in the fall of 2019. After COVID ended his first-year campaign as abruptly as it had started, he returned as a junior captain in the 2021 season even better than before. In the spring of 2022, he led Contra to their first-ever Nationals berth in program history, cementing himself in the program’s lineage. He does it all: anchoring the O-line as a proficient handler who is just as potent of a threat in the cutter space, crossing over to the D-line where he locks up opposing players with tenacious defense and a willingness to put his body on the line, and always serving as a motivating and supportive voice in the huddle. Reimler’s college career culminates as captain of what will go down as Contra’s most successful season to date — they finished #22 in the national rankings, won three of their four regular-season tournaments, repeated as conference champions, and pulled off a miraculous upset of #3 Texas in the semi-finals of Regionals to earn a spot in their first Regional final ever. For all of it, Reimler was front and center; he is synonymous with Contra’s biggest moments. There is perhaps no more fitting way to cap off such an accomplished career as Reimler’s than with a nomination for the Callahan Award.