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Ben Field


Ben is a 23-year-old Husky that recently graduated from Northeastern as a behavioral neuroscience student. Field played 5 years with the Huskies and was elected captain in his fourth and fifth years. Field came into the Huskies program as a talented young athlete that revolutionized Northeastern Ultimate on and off the field.

Field is a two-way cutter that can sky any player in the division, and then pinpoint a throw anywhere on the field. His electric layouts force those watching to reconsider what throwing windows are possible. His prowess as a puller consistently gives the D-line fantastic position, and he has punched in countless breaks as a takeover offensive player.

As a leader, Field represents the growth of the Huskies program from regional mediocrity to national contender. His love for the game shines through in the way he motivates his teammates and brings intensity to every point. Despite his extraordinary gifts, Field remains the humblest, most selfless college teammate one could ask for.