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Azeez Adeyemi


Brownian Motion nominates Azeez Adeyemi for the 2021 Callahan Award.

Azeez, a New York native of Nigerian descent, began playing Ultimate Frisbee his junior year of high school. His decision was centered around competing with his graduating brother in the last possible sports season they would have together. “If you don’t like it, you can go back to lacrosse,” his brother said. This choice, which was minuscule at the time, is one Azeez looks back on fondly, as it launched him down the beautiful winding road that is the game of Frisbee.

Azeez embodied competitive spirit from the start, finding a way to carve out a place on the BMo roster his freshman year, all while in a full arm cast recovering from wrist surgery. He has spent the last four years of his college career honing his craft, coupling his athletic prowess with developed defensive abilities, in-game leadership, and field IQ.

He is a self-proclaimed defensive specialist, always itching to lock up the biggest match-up in the most important games. He is a tireless worker with endless amounts of energy both on and off the field. He is a great teammate, always finding ways to pick up those around him with his positive mindset and charming smile!

Azeez, over the course of his time on BMo, has been challenged to be the spark, and time and time again he has assumed the role of the proverbial spark to start the many great fires BMo has been able to achieve.