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Ohio State

Axel Agami Contreras


Since his freshman year, Axel Agami has been an infectious, competitive presence on Leadbelly. He is vital to OSU’s ascent from a regionals program to a consistent Nationals presence. Immediately making an impact on the D line at the 2019 College Championships, Axel was awarded national runner-up for Freshman of the Year. Axel at the club and college level is a versatile player that can do anything on the field. His stout defense shuts down some of the top matchups in the country. Offensively, Axel is a pure hybrid, effortlessly flowing from facilitating the offense from the handle set to grinding huge chunks of yards downfield. Quick and explosive, he wins any matchup that comes his way. He makes big throws look easy and a dominator set look effortless. Axel can do it all. In every practice and game, he brings immense energy and passion and demands it from his teammates. Leadbelly wouldn’t be the program it is without him. Vote Axel Agami for Callahan.

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