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Alex Turney


Alex Turney is an all-around great player, leader, teammate, and friend. He’s immensely dedicated to the game and to the Night Train program, and our team wouldn’t be where it is without the 5 years of service Alex has given us. On the field, Alex is a big time play maker. Layout D’s? Check. Full-field hucks? Check. Also kinda a nice deep cutter too? Check. Alex beat other teams even when they knew what he was going to do; on many occasions, he left opposing sidelines visibly agitated because they just couldn’t stop the “Big Dawg.” Off the field, Alex was captain of the Night Train for two years and was a consummate leader. At times, he was basically another team coach just because of his knowledge of the game. He was a mentor to the young guys and the old guys, and brought energy and intensity to every practice. Overall, Alex was a lock to be Night Train’s 2022 Callahan nominee, and we hope you strongly consider giving him your vote.