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University of California-Santa Cruz

Aidan Curry


Aidan Curry is the embodiment of all the best parts of ultimate. He brings the outrageous throws and amazing grit that helps a team win games, as well the banter, roasts, and LOVE that keeps the sidelines smiling. He’s won at the highest level of the sport and has helped bring the UCSC program up to where it is today. Ultiworld has said things about him, “Curry was all over the disc.” Whether it’s in the backfield, or about 3/4 up the field out-of-bounds on a pull, you can count on curry to be “aLl OveR iT”. I love the man, our team loves the man, and tirebizfriz gave him a shoutout. It’s hard to argue with this level of national notoriety. Vote Aidan Curry for Callahan and he will personally deliver you Santa Cruz Bagelry goodies!