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Adam Stautberg


Adam Stautberg has been a member of MagnUM for five years and has captained the team for the past two. His hard work and dedication have been a huge part of MagnUM’s recent success, and his leadership serves as a driving force for the entire team. Staut is a defensive monster that can, and will, take over a possession on either side of the disc.

In the words of his teammates and coaches:

“Greatest captain of a team I’ve ever been apart of. Great leader, great teammate, great player.”

“In the months before regionals last year he was out throwing early every morning and getting others to join him. Huge reason we made it to nationals, and that attitude has definitely shaped the last few years of MagnUM.”

“Staut is an absolutely fantastic leader and teammate.”

“Seriously though, losing Stautberg hurts. 100% the best teammate I’ve ever had, and as a leader he’s even better. He is constantly outworking both his teammates and competitors, but still keeps the focus on others and helping them be the best he can help them be.”

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