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Virginia Tech

Adam Norrbom


Though small of stature, Adam “The Lorax” Norrbom is a titan on the ultimate field. A three-year captain for one-time nationals attendee VT Burn, Adam has remade the team in his image, creating an environment that balances fun with competition in equal doses. VT Burn finished this unfortunately shortened season as the #1 ranked AC team located in the SW quarter of Virginia, a title the team has not claimed in 10 years.

Whether it’s in the handler set or on the rocket league pitch (he’s diamond 1), Adam is a commanding presence who leads with actions rather than words. Every player on the team has had a moment when they saw Adam do something and decided they too were going to learn i,t only to discover they were not nearly as talented, hardworking or as handsome as him. Despite a complete inability to recreate his greatness, the relentless positivity from the man many refer to as A-bomb turned disappointment into passion in countless freshmen (and a few seniors), and turned them into lifelong ultimate players.

Adam would like to thank the whole Norrbom family for their support and for being slightly worse at ultimate than he is, in addition to all of the teammates who got him to this point (most prominently Joe Freund, Kyle Flynn and Daniel Sablosky). He guarantees that he will continue to play competitive rocket league and might even stick with ultimate in the future.