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University of Georgia

Adam Miller


Adam Miller, the dynamic lefty handler from Atlanta, is an absolute menace on the field. Adam is a fearless leader with the #1 beard in the college division. Adam got 2nd place at the U17 YCC Nationals back-to-back in 2016 and 2017 then went onto win the High School National Championship in 2017. He was also a U20 YCC National (Co)Champion. More recently, Miller has been playing on the Atlanta Hustle team since 2020 as well as the Co-Captain of Chain Lightning. In addition, Adam Miller has been the captain of the Georgia Jojah for the past two seasons. As the College Breakout Player of the Year in 2021, he helped lead the Jojah to a 2nd place finish at the 2021 College Nationals. Despite facing adversity, Miller made the U24 USA Open Team while injured with a torn meniscus. From playing the five in the zone to locking down opponents’ top handlers, Miller is a force on the defensive end. Adam is the #1 dancer in the college division while leading his team in energy and cheers. Adam calls the important timeouts and is always a clutch performer when the team needs him most. Miller works harder than anyone to be the best version of himself on and off the field. It’s time for college ultimate to recognize his skill, dance moves, leadership, and of course, the beard.