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Aaron Maymin


Known as the hardest working teammate of his generation, it was Aaron’s dedication and love for the game that made him the player he is today. This showed as almost all of the clips from his Callahan video are from this past 2021-2022 season. Xbox proved he could handle anything as he switched between cutter and handler, O-line and D-line, and anything else necessary. Whenever the team needed him, Maymin delivered. A true hybrid, X created highlights on both offense and defense and undoubtedly scored the most points for Big Bear this season. “We need to stop the hot guy” was a line we heard often as other teams knew of Maymin’s skill and were still were unable to contain him. His work on the field was not his only contribution as Aaron served as a captain and leader on Big Bear during his final two years on the team. And of course, Xbox had some of the most memorable celebrations and hilarious moments on and off the field. Aaron Maymin was our MVP and clear 2022 Callahan nominee, and we hope you seriously consider him for the award.

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